About us

We have been involved in our big project “Bio- & WohlfühlPension Krennleiten”, since 1990. We engage in it with a lot of joy, enthusiasm and personal dedication.

The house itself was built in 1931 by Alfons & Anni Zehtner as a guesthouse. In 1976 they passed it on to their nephew Franz Kruis, who made the “Gästehaus Krennleiten” out of it. At the beginning of the 90s he handed over the house to his daughter Sabine Kruis. She founded the “Bio & WohlfühlPension Krennleiten” and is since then responsible for its destiny.

The house was rebuilt/renovated an astonishing 4 times since 1931, the last time in the years 2014/2015.

Thus, the BioPension continues to evolve step by step to an oasis of healthy, happy and nature-loving life.

You will find we are competent to questions of healing nutrition, natural cosmetics, a healthy lifestyle, recovery & health and a happy and satisfied life.

The use of ecological cleaning and washing agents has been in force for years.
The whole house receives water supply after the Grander technology and in the power lines green energy of NATURSTROM.

In 2001 we became a non-smoking house (in front of the house is a small smoker’s room). In 2003 the breakfast ingredients were sourced from organic or home-made from the herbs and fruits of the garden.

In 2010, we were connected to the network of BIO-ENERGIE BERCHTESGADEN and since then have been purchasing heat and warm water from renewable resources in the region (wood). In 2014, the old roof was renewed and the beautiful studio with kitchen installed.

We consciously reduce the media supply to a minimum (a TV and a radio / CD player in the breakfast and lounge) and also do not offer WLAN *. The view from every window of our house offers a far more interesting program than any TV station in any season and in any weather.

In addition, our in-house library in the staircase with several hundred books is just waiting to be discovered by you …

*Speaking of Wi-Fi we discourage it for a good reason. We want you to digitally detox and disconnect from information overload and stress. If you do have a very urgent reason to be online very close by in the tourist information office is a hotspot. There you can get the password for free WLAN.

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