Natural Goods Store

The wide variety of goods on offer in our natural goods store, “Tohuwabohu”, range from delicious spreads, biscuits, snacks and drinks to selected natural cosmetics, essential oils and beautiful souvenirs, on display throughout the house.

This ensures that your purchase comes all inclusive of a small adventure and detailed advice.

If you want to take home something very special for yourself or for your nearest and dearest, then just ask your hostess for her own line of natural cosmetics:

deliciously foaming bath pralines
creamy melting body confectionery for a massage or a luxury oil bath
surprisingly refreshing peeling shower gel
fine, sweet-smelling body oils
always produced from the finest organic ingredients and with love.

“Art of life Lebenskunst.
70 percent abdication of haste,
20 percent abdication of “things you absolutely have to have”
and 10 percent enjoyment on obviously superfluous.”

(Cary Grant)

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